Reflections & Testimonials

​​​​​Associate Professor Joel Lee reflects on the ​​GPC Series Singapore


Loong Seng Onn reflects on the first day of GPC Series Singapore​


Josephine Hadikusumo - Challenges for In-house Counsel​


Daniel Ee Says Litigation is Often Not the Right Choice for Companies​


Brenda Panichi Shares Why She Attended and What She Gained from Attendance

Fiona Hollier Tells Us the Impact GPC Singapore Had on Her​


Anil Xavier Talks About the Challenges in Dispute Resolution Today​​


Using Technology at the Global Pound Conference


What Happens When You Attend a GPC Series Event?​


Josephine Hadikusumo invites you to the GPC Series​​


Brenda Panichi - Challenges for In-House Counsel​


Kimberlee K. Kovach - How Should We Approach Dispute Resolution​


Deborah Massuci Talking About the GPC Series​​

​Nada Alexander, Academic Director of Sidra (Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy)​



GPC Singapore 2016 is qualified for
13 PDUs by PEB.