About GPC Series Singapore

​Dear Colleague,

The Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016-17 will facilitate the development of 21st century commercial and civil dispute resolution tools, at domestic, regional and international levels.  Join us in Singapore on 17 and 18 March 2016 at the Auditorium of the Supreme Court of Singapore for the first of the GPC Series to take place around the world.

The GPC Series will convene all stakeholders in dispute resolution – commercial parties, lawyers, academics, judges, arbitrators, mediators, policy makers, and others – at conferences around the world.  These conferences will provoke debate on existing tools and techniques, stimulate new ideas and generate actionable data on what corporate and individual dispute resolution users actually need, both locally and globally.

The first GPC series starts in Singapore, a country recognized as the leading choice for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Asia. Over the years, many ADR buildings and facilities have been built to offer the full range of dispute resolution services. One example is the Maxwell Chambers, which was built to provide best-of-class hearing facilities and house top international arbitral institutions. With the develop​ment of a wide array of ADR services in the country, Singapore provides the full spectrum of services for domestic and international users to choose from when needed, making it undisputedly a suitable venue to be the first stop for the GPC Series.

​Be part of the Global Pound Conference Series in Singapore and help shape the future of dispute resolution.​

Sincerely, ​

Justice Belinda Ang Saw Ean

Chairperson, Singapor​e LOC​


GPC Singapore 2016 is qualified for
13 PDUs by PEB.